You don’t want to have kids? There’s nothing wrong about that. And certainly, there’s nothing wrong with you.
Don’t let anyone convince you of the contrary. We’ll help you with that.

Instead of Kids is born to be an alternative to everything that you are supposed to do and have achieved at a certain age, but you actually don’t feel like doing.

Until 30 having kids meant to be outcast of what you were supposed to be doing. But after 30, and even more at 40, not having kids outcasts you of what you’re supposed to be doing too.
IOK is born from the frustration of feeling that without kids your life lacks of purpose. We’ve been there – if we don’t have kids, now what?
Here’s what.

We want to be the place for you to find child-free life recipes. With the hope that if you have kids but want to dip your feet outside the norm, then you can adapt them and enjoy our recipes as well. And if your kids are already out of the nest, you should find this website helpful too!

We consider parents the bravest people on Earth. But we also think that having  children should be an option, not a must.
We like options, and we want to inspire you to explore your options in life.
On average, raising a child in the western world costs around 10.000€ a year.
What could you do then instead of kids?
Let us do the exploring for you.