The hidden and very real costs of having a child - instead of kids - vitaly_unsplashed
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The hidden and very real costs of having a child

Cover picture by Vitaly Having children is expensive. Parents say that, but not many talk about exactly how expensive it is. As usual,…

Ideas Money

10 tips to save up more money to invest in your dreams

Cover picture by Jeremy Paige Not having kids definitely gives you more margin to spend your money in experiences that parents most of…

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I don’t want kids, but my family thinks I will

Cover picture by Rob Bye This article appeared first on Medium. We are reproducing it here with the permission of its author, Anne-Sophie…

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Shooting for the stars and the world: Henry Lee’s life of astronomy and photography

Cover image “Hauptstadt”, Berlin Hauptbahnhof © Henry Lee While he’s based in Vancouver, a glimpse at Henry Lee’s Instagram profile might have you…


Why I don’t “factor” in kids

Cover picture by qimono Growing up in a close-knit, Catholic family in the Franconian countryside, having children was pivotal to me. Jesus loves…

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I believe that every single person has the right to choose a life with or without children. Having kids might be a blessing, but not having them shouldn't be a curse.
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